Downton Abbey

Even though for ages I thought it was Downtown Abbey, I am obsessed with this show. Finally a TV obsession that makes me forget Veronica Mars (well, it's been pretty forgotten these past few years). Matthew and Mary are my new ship. They MUST MUST MUST end up together!!

Hurricane is a drink, too!

So I think--at least hope--that Hurricane Irene is a big bust.  I had to evacuate yesterday from my one-day vacation, due to the hurricane-- drove down to Bethany Beach Thursday only to drive back home Friday. A two hour drive took five hours... i was ready to pop my cork.  Luckily I remembered to rescue the rum and pina colada mix!

Organ donation

Delurking to post a note urging everyone to consider designating themselves as organ donors--you can indicate it on your license.  A good friend died today while waiting for a lung transplant.  He had been so sick for so long... he was at the top of the list in the Pennsylvania-NJ-Delaware region, yet no lung became available in time for him.   

LiveJournal Ups and Downs

Delurking to ask if anyone know what is going on with LiveJournal.... it seems to be very unstable right now.  I read on another journal that the DdOS attacks that are knocking LiveJournal offline is actually being generated by the Russian government trying to get to some bloggers they don't like.  If that's the case, it's really outrageous... or am I just joining the ranks of the paranoid?

Meanwhile, life continues--trying to find a decent gym and working too hard.  More of the same...

(no subject)

I hope everyone had a great holiday!! We're expecting a snow storm here on the east coast, but I'm pretty lucky in that my work has a shutdown between Christmas and New Years.  I think I'll spend the next few days with my new best friends, my Mac and my Ipad.  Still learning how to get around the Mac--but what a great machine. 

Happy Holidays!

Hoping that everyone on my friends list has a fantastic holiday!  My big day (or night) will be New Years Eve, when I see Joel McHale at the Borgata.  I may just have to jump his bones.

On another note, just saw an ad for a commemorative 9/11 coin--with gold and silver mined from the "ashes of the site".  Can I tell you how squicked out I am? Really squicked... people died there--their ashes are there too.  I wonder how the families feel about people making money off of the ashes of their loved ones.  Yechhh.

The Walking Dead

Just watched the first episode of The Walking Dead... wow, that had to be some of the most compelling television I've seen in a long time.  It was incredibly gory, to be sure, but the story-telling and acting were stellar.  I started watching it before I went to bed the other night, but spooked myself silly, so finished it tonight.

The question now is whether I can actually bring myself to watch any more.  Did I mention it was incredibly gory?

Not 2008...

Wow, what a complete turnaround from 2008. Back then, the Phillies had won the World Series and we had just elected Obama.  I'm feeling decidedly down after the Phils self-destructed and the GOP prevailed during the election, but I have to keep bringing myself back from the cliff.  I know the Phils will be ok, but the country.,.. well, I'm worried, although I understand that the most extreme dissatisfied voters came out to vote, and that may not be the case two years from now.  I also will never stop believing that the anger of these extreme voters is partially rooted in having a black man as president. 

I am very liberal, but I understand that people may not have the same views as me (although they're wrong :)).  But what gets me is how the far right totally clouds the real issues (unemployment, the disproportionate wealth distribution in our country, global warming, etc.) with issues that mean absolutely nothing to the quality of life of its citizens (gay marriage, etc.).  They use these moral issues to pull in the most extreme voters to vote for them, and then enact nice laws and tax breaks that keep the wealthiest empowered.  

Prop 8...

Wow I can't believe it's been almost a year since my last post!  I'm mostly on facebook now, but I do love reading LJ blogs and journals... delurking to add my woohoo!  to the overturning of Prop 8!! 

I'm creeping out of posting hibernation

Holy shit, the Eagles have signed Michael Vick???  I just found out when a friend on another site predicted that Donovan McNabb would be replaced in the middle of the season by (sic) Vic who would take them to the Super Bow....I'm like, they signed some guy named Victor??

I don't know what to think about this.  I'm a huge animal lover, but I also believe if someone did their time, they should be able to earn a living at their craft and given a second chance... people have to be able to earn a living in order to begin to work on themselves to not do what got them in jail in the first place..

But jeez, he organized dog fights... dog fights!  I'm so confused...I'm going to develop a split personality cheering for the Eagles while jeering when Vick is leading them.